About Talkweb

Talkweb Information System Inc. (Talkweb Information) is an outstanding provider of comprehensive education services for 0-18 year olds in China.
Established in 1996 and going public in 2008, Talkweb focuses on online education and mobile games.
With more than 3000 employees, Talkweb is a mobile Internet group company headquartered in Hunan province and branched in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, U.S., Japan, and South Korea.
In 2015, Talkweb Information was rated among China's Top 50 Internet enterprises.

Providing high-quality
Internet-based education services

for 0-18 year olds in China

Building the big data platform of mobile internet for education

Preschool Education

What do we do?

Organically connect kindergarteneducation with family education realize family-kindergarten education and construct a systematic ecosystem for children's growth.

What do we have?

Primary Schools and Middle schools

What do we do?

At schools, we provide Learning Management System(SAAS) and personalized learning system,including learning, homework, exams, and assessments, which eventually contribute to the educational big data platform.

Outside schools, we provide accurate and personalized after-school learning services, which eventually contribute to the online learning distribution platform.

What do we have?

Leading campus information service provider in China

Cover 15 provinces

An offline operation team of 1300 people

25000 primary schools and middle schools

20 million users

10 million paid users

Excellent examination service and education assessment service provider

A 60% market share of the college entrance examination

A 35% market share of the senior high school entrance examination

Long-term collaborative relationship with 18 provincial and 100+ municipal commissions of education

Inaugurated Mind for Your Beautiful Future

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